Comic 105 - 3 - 1 Damn it, Alice
26th May 2019, 4:32 PM in 3 - Municipal Mayhem
3 - 1 Damn it, Alice
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socksofargyle edit delete
Hey! It's an actual page!!

So, a few things: 1. you may have noticed something different about this one, mainly the white gutter. I've started poking at working in clip studio paint, (i actually colored parts of this page in it!) and tbh i'm still working on how i do pages there, which is why there was a delay. clip studio is amazing but VERY different from how i've been working for the last three years. haha

2. SO, Thunderstryke is kind of taking over as my main project, which isn't a problem, it just means I will be prioritizing that over TLOB. But I got a schedule, finally and TLOB is accounted for in that schedule. :)

3. also thanks for reading???!
User comments:
BMR edit delete reply
Just got through the archives, excellent read so far! And really loving the artwork in this, as well as the story, pretty darn awesome.
socksofargyle edit delete reply
aah thanks!! this doesn't update very quickly, but it is being worked on! :D
dpat57 edit delete reply
Hey this art is super, good-looking characters and great coloring. I got here via the "What something you like..." thread.