Alice Spade


Alice is the daughter of Lord Captain Alistair and Lady Lucy Spade, former Lady of Dartport, Briva. Having been groomed from day one to become either a Lady or a Lord Captain of the Pirate Alliance, Alice takes responsibility seriously. After the fall of Dartport, Alice struggled to make any new friends, instead focusing soley on sword fighting, wreaking childish havoc on Elysium City, and learning the responsibilities that come with being a Lord Captain. She is highly skilled at fighting, and quite dangerous, and often holds up a cold exterior to strangers, but Alice is really a fun loving, adventurous and friendly person with quite the mischevous streak. Much like her mother, Alice has the training of a Lady and the temper of a firecracker.

Inspiration songs: Star Sky, Two Steps from Hell | Blackheart, Two Steps from Hell | I See Fire, Zyrah | Rabbit Heart, Florence and the Machine | King and Lionheart, Of Monsters and Men | Iron, Woodkid

Jack Hart

Jack Hart is a young thief from Avalore, Briva, and has spent a good six years with the Pirate Alliance, before returning to his hometown. Despite being stealthy, Jack's boss Crowley thought he'd be best as an agent in the court. He's quite good at infiltrating and "borrowing" documents and information that is then used for sway with Briva's new court. He's rather carefree, figuring its the best way to handle most of the situations he finds himself in. He tries to be kind and polite to strangers, but he has a mouth on him, and it often gets him into trouble. As does his big heart, especially when he ends up helping the likes of Alice Spade, who is Briva's Most Wanted. When he's not in trouble, Jack likes to hide on rooftops, and read books, usually quirky romance novels.

Inspiration Songs: Take Me Away, Globus | Into Darkness, Thomas Bergersen | King and Lionheart, Of Monsters and Men | Gravity, EMBASSY | The Wrong Side, Abney Park | Sirona, Miracle of Sound | An Toll Dubh, Runrig + Paul Mounsey


The Spades - Lady Lucy Spade and Lord Captain Alistair Spade

Married roughly 22 years; arguably the deadliest married couple to ever come out of Briva.

What started as an ambivalent partnership to save Briva from an internal threat, wound up as one of the most dangerous couples. Both are master swordsmen, quick and cunning, and not afraid to lead the charge in a fight. They are always a team, and when they disagree they seek a third party to settle the matter. Both have a temper, but keep each other in check--or encourage each other. Lucy is vicious and aggressive in a fight, while Alistair is quick, and calculating. Both will try for diplomacy, but have no troulble picking a fight. Alistair and Lucy love each other and their family above all things, and will fight to the bitter end to protect them. Many pirates have debated which of the two is the most feared and imfamous, and usually agree that Lucy is the one to fear most. 

Inspiration songs: The Hanging Tree, The Hound + The Fox | Blackheart, Two Steps From Hell | Don't Get In My Way, Zack Hemsey | Star Sky, Two Steps From Hell | Dirty Paws, Of Monsters and Men

Empress Scarlet Redd of Briva

??? Siezed power during what would later be called The Rise, in a rapid and violet coup d'etat that left 90% of Briva's ruling aristocracy dead. Still seething over a centuries old blood feud with Lucy Spade's family, she's not afraid to raise hell to have the last word. Also a formidable sorceress, and currently sole regent of Briva. She is cold, arguably heartless and ruthless.

Inspiration songs: Battle Hymn, Faith and the Muse || Welcome Home, Coheed and Cambria || Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Lorde || Mordred's Lullaby, Heather Dale || The Red Queen, Steam Powered Giraffe